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Georgetown Academy: Book Four - Alyssa Embree Schwartz, Jessica Koosed Etting Review originally posted at Love.Life.Read

The Georgetown Academy books just keep getting better and better. At the end of Book Three, we are left with a cliffhanger for Taryn and Ellie. We learn in Book Four that their lives are going to forever change—Taryn’s father and Ellie’s mother have made the short list to take over as Vice President. Once again they are pitted against each as their parents do battle to win the approval of their peers and the President in order to take over the second highest office in the country.

All the girls are dealing with some sort of drama—how could it be high school at Georgetown Academy otherwise? Ellie is dealing with her mother’s candidacy for Vice President and her desire to go public with her relationship with Gabe. While she wants it desperately, how could she go public with her mother’s nemesis’ son? Will she listen to her heart or sacrifice for herself for her mother’s campaign again?

Taryn knows her relationship with Gabe is over and on top of it, she cannot get over her feelings for Brooks. When her father hires Brook’s father to help him get the candidacy for Vice President, they are drawn together even more. When Taryn begins to lose herself to be the press-perfect daughter, will Brooks be able to pull her back? And what will happen if they finally admit that they have feelings for each other?

Brinley seems to have her head on straight. She had the hook up with the townie during the ski trip but that’s over—right? Patrick is flirting (and a side benefit is it makes Brooks mad), and she should be interested but she cannot get Shane out of her head. Will she continue on the Madison pathway or veer off to follow her own path?

Lastly, is the good girl Evan. She has the popular boyfriend and suddenly she is dealing with being the it-girl she never thought she would be at Georgetown Academy. When she accidentally takes some drug-laced candies, will she be able to earn back the trust of her parents? Will Hunter and her stay together after this horrible headline making incident?

How can you not like girls and guys of Georgetown Academy? These books are pure fun mixed with real life in a perfect setting for all the drama. They are normal young adults dealing with high and lows of life including boys, pressures of being popular/fitting in/being perfect and finding themselves in the chaotic world of Washington D.C. Whether you want to be right there with them or far, far away from it, you will want to jump into these books and fall in love with Ellie, Brinley, Evan and Hunter.