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Cricket is flying high at the end of her junior year. Her best friend’s family invited her to come to Nantucket with them for the summer but then tragedy strikes the family in pieces. Feeling as if she needs to be there for her best friend, Cricket travels to Nantucket to only get rejected by Jules. Not being able to stay with her nor did she have the nanny job she thought she would be doing this summer, Cricket ends up working and living in one of the historic inns as a chambermaid and eventually an intern. Life is not going as she planned but something else begins to happen when Zach stops being just Jules younger brother.

Zach is rocked to the core when his mother passes away. Jules and his father are coping in their own way—meaning not being able to breathe a word about their beloved Nina. Cricket is the only one who is willing to talk about her. The sparks fly between the two of them but they know their relationship cannot be out in the open—right?

Cricket is a wonderful protagonist and is instantly relatable and likable. She is battling her own parents divorce plus her dad's new family, the death of her pseudo-mom and her crush on Jay, the popular boy from her school’s rival. Feeling that she would be best to support her friend in Nantucket, she is shocked and disheartened when she learns that her friend lied to her.

Zach is a great love interest. Despite being two grades younger than Cricket, he does not come off as the younger guy. Their bond over Zach’s mother and then the spark that happens between them on Fourth of July will forever change their relationship. He does not come off as a “typical” teenage guy—he is more in touch with his emotions and feelings but I liked that characteristic as it makes for a good fit with Cricket.

It is intriguing that he is the younger of the two—not too many books have the guy being younger, especially a sophomore to a senior. I like that Cricket is able to grow, learn and stand up for herself at the end of the summer/book. Jules made me mad, frustrated and sad because she is so utterly completely lost that I cannot help but wonder if she will be alright in the end. Nantucket Blue is a perfect book to read just in time for summer—this book is a delightful and touching book about overcoming trials, standing up for yourself and getting what you want in the end. I highly recommend this contemporary fiction for its touching moments and sweet romance. It is a perfect summer read or for anytime when you want to cling to summer or the moments of first love.