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Georgetown Academy: Book Three - Jessica Koosed Etting,  Alyssa Embree Schwartz Escaping the world of D.C., you think that the Vermont ski trip would help alleviate some of the pressure and political play, right? Heck no—the antics are still going strong and provide many laugh out loud and cringe worthy moments.

The four main girls are moving on with their lives. Ellie has met Weston and is trying to move on from Hunter and forget Gabe. Brinley has recovered from her collapse at Follow the Stars, but can she handle the pressure that led her to drugs in the first place? Taryn has won the guy—but why is he not willing to define their relationship? And Evan, she gets caught up helping Luke hide his secret instead of finally being able to hook up with Hunter. Is everyone going to go their way? Heck no!

I like the internal growth that the characters are going through, also. Ellie is starting to come into her own—I like that she is starting to stand up for herself (both with Hunter and Weston for instance). Brinley, too, seems to be moving in a better direction. She definitely came off as the typically entitled girl at first but, I love the depth that is being written into her character, especially in this book. Evan—I am so thrilled that is she finally pursued Hunter in this book! I just hope he behaves and treats her well. With Taryn, I feel bad for her because she is into Gabe but, he is so not over Ellie. I hope that she is able to keep her strong sense of self and not conform in Book Four. All four of them try to control their lives because of the nature of their upbringing—but everyone keeps getting in their way. It will be interesting to see if they are able to take greater control on their lives or if others will be able to keep them off their desired paths.

This is my favorite Georgetown Academy book thus far. It is entertaining and at the same time, has moments to ponder. It will be interesting to see what happens in Book Four now that the stars seem to be aligning for all the couples to get together….but could it be that simple? Hmm….only reading Book Four will tell.

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