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Things I Can't Forget - Miranda Kenneally Miranda Kenneally has quickly become one of my sure bet authors. I love to pass out her books to my library users (teens and adults alike) because all of them have usually come back loving her titles and will quickly snatch up the next book or put it on hold if it is not on the library’s shelf. What I also love about her books is as well is how we get to revisit with previous couples—Jordan and Sam; Parker and Will—but each book is strong enough to stand on their own or read in any order.

A amazing book makes you pause and consider then quietly invites you to grow. Things I Can’t Forget may only be a young adult novel in some people’s eyes, but what she has done with this book is given us an opportunity to think for ourselves if we are willing to put ourselves in Kate’s situation. I know that some have not been fans because they are surprised at the religious nature of the book but those readers struggling with finding themselves and questioning their beliefs—and knowing it is okay—makes this a powerful novel for them have at their disposal.

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