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Starcrossed - Josephine Angelini My Thoughts:

I am drawn to stories with mythology elements and I have to say, Ms. Angelini’s Starcrossed as quickly become one of my favorites. Mythology stories are by no means unique, what I appreciated and enjoyed about this one is Ms. Angelini’s take feels refreshing and not a story that happens to have mythological elements. Within Starcrossed, the mythology is woven into the story and it is integral to it—it does not feel like an afterthought or a jumping on the bandwagon type of book either. It helps to propel the story forward.

This is the first book in a trilogy and I am anxious to continue reading the series. I will be interested to see how Helen and Lucas continue to evolve, especially with the cliffhanger at the end of Book One. The next one is Dreamless and the series is finished up with Goddess, which was published on May 23rd.

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