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Come escape with me through reading...I read all sorts of books but mainly young adult, adult fiction, children's and nonfiction on a daily basis. You'll very rarely find me without a book by my side.
One Good Earl Deserves a Lover - Sarah MacLean Lady Philippa is a serious, avant garde lady of the ton. She is engaged to marry an earl who she refers to as consistently as a “good man” and is engaged to him “because he asked.” Cross, Earl Harlow, is mourning the loss of his brother—the heir that should have been the Earl, not he. He was the wild and reckless second son, the spare as they are often referred two. Cross retreats from society and is one of the four owners to the exclusive gaming hell, The Fallen Angel.

The two of them make a perfect couple—they are eccentric, brilliant and askew society in favor of their own personal interests. Through Pippa’s request to know more of what is between a woman and a man, takes Pippa onto a journey of discovery—both the pursuit of passion but also herself. Why should she settle “because he asked” marriage when she could have love? And why should Cross continually punish himself for his transgressions and ruin his chance for his own love filled marriage?

The second book in the Rules of Scoundrels series aims to please. Sarah MacLean is getting better and better with each book she writes in my humble opinion. I have been a fan of hers since her very first book—The Season, the young adult regency era novel. Beautifully written and much loved, I could not put this book down. I cannot recommend this book enough.