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Georgetown Academy: Season One - Alyssa Embree Schwartz,  Jessica Koosed Etting I am beyond thrilled that Coliloquy has decided to put together Season One. The four individual books are each well done, that having them all together in one convenient eBook makes the series that much more addictive!

Love politics? Well this book is for you as it delves into politics from those who live it both from the public perception and from behind the scenes. BUT politics is not the only thing that is in this book! Readers who appreciate drama, friendships, relationships, mystery, intrigue, humor, moments of success and failure will find something in Season One. Because the authors are screenwriters as well, the books lend themselves to those who are fans of popular shows such as Gossip Girl, 90210, Pretty Little Liars and Secret Life of an American Teenager (just to name a few), as the situations and details presented in the book are so vivid, you will feel like you are reading a television show.

This is a perfect book to take with you to the beach, get loss in after a hectic day of work, school, on a commute or just because you want to have a great time reading. You won’t be sorry—pick up Georgetown Academy Season One today for a delightful and entertaining time.

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